No Animals in Elizabeth Brown Park policy at Chautauqua

We catch a lot of flack over this one. Telling someone they can't bring their pet into the park, at best, results in polite indignations and, at worst, ... more. After all, they are family and not allowing a family member to attend the fun in the park is understandably upsetting.

But we will enforce it. We have to.

In thirty plus years of Chautauqua we have seen enough of the messes, inconveniences, and tragedies that can occur when four legged friends get caught up amidst a growing throng of two legged festival goers. Just some of the things we have learned are:
  • Loud music causes anxiety in animals

  • Not everyone cleans up after their pets (you know who they are)

  • In a crowd this size, with this many feet, even a little bit of poo goes a long way

  • Problems with neighboring pets that don't play well with others

  • Problems with neighboring pets that play far too well with others

  • Stepping on little toes, tails, backs, heads, etc. in the crowd; between the seat rows

  • Little kids + pets + leashes + a crowd = somebody's takin' a nose dive

  • How many times have we seen grandma(s) get wrapped around the legs with a leash

  • Big guys getting upset in the crowded surroundings

  • Little guys being stepped on, tripped over, sat upon, fallen on

  • And, If it's not their favorite style of music, they'll just get bored anyway.

We don't take this policy lightly. We have good reasons from bad experiences.

We don't want to revisit tragedies from the past.

For the safety of your animal, please leave your pet at home ...

... and tell them all about it when you get back.