2012 Chautauqua Festival Photos

June 15 Balloon Glow


June 16 Morning Balloon Flight


June 16 Parade


June 16 About the Park


June 16 Evening Balloon Flight


June 17 ~ Last Balloon Fight


June 17


June 18


June 19


June 20


June 21


June 22


Chautauqua 5K Race


Chautauqua Car Show


June 23


2012 Chautauqua Festival Videos

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Beatle Mania

Saturday In The Park

5K Race

Radio Cult

Dixie Beeliners


Big Payback

Margo and the Bluegils

Super Hold

The Miss Chautauqua Pageant

The 2012 Miss Chautauqua Pageant was held Saturday, June 2 in the GWHS auditorium. 99 contestants participated and 6 new queens crowned. See the results here.

Christmas On Main Street

The 2012 Chautauqua Christmas Home Tour

See Photos of the 2012 Christmas Home Tour

2012 Christmas parade float

from the
Wythe Arts Council

Chautauqua Wine & Stein 2012