Chautauqua Schedule of Events 2017
Friday, June 23 Schedule of Events
Time Act Location
9:30 AM   WPC-HH
10:00 AM Outdoor Art Exhibits
(until 6 PM)
10:00 AM   EBMP, UG
10:00 AM Craft of the day
UG Tents
10:00 AM   EBMP, UG
10:00 AM Artist in Residence - EBMP, UG
10:00 AM   Rock House Museum
10:00 AM   Shelter
11:00 AM   Fire House
11:00 AM   EBMP UG
Noon Indoor Art/Youth Art/Photography Exhibit
until 7 pm
Noon   CC UL
Noon   Shelter
1:00 PM   CC, LL
2:00 PM   CC, LL
5:30 PM   Main Stage
7:30 PM   Main Stage
9:30 PM   Main Stage
* all acts, times and location are subject to change